Bangkok Canal & Old Community

Experience a private long -tail boat ride  through canals and enjoy the scenery of a lifetime along Chao Phraya River and Bangkok canal network.

Bangkok once used to be called the Venice of the East because of a lot   of small canal networks.  In the old days people only traveled by boat. Rivers were highways whereas canals were streets that led to the residential areas.   Some major canals still being used by people who live along the water.   Let’s explore the way of life on the waterways by a long tail -boat .  It gives you an idea of the life style that once was dominated by water. 

Tour Detail: 

  • Meet you in the lobby at 10:00 am
  • Take public transportation to the flower market 
  • Walk around an old town and visit the biggest sitting Buddha in Bangkok
  • Take a private long-tail boat ride on Bangkok canals for 1 hrs 15 mins
  • Enjoy half an hour puppet show and old houses along the canal
  • Be back to the hotel around 4:00 pm

Sightseeing Highlights:

  • Flower market
  • Kudi Chin Community  (An old Portuguese community)
  • Wat Kalayanamit
  • An Artist house for the puppet show


  • A friendly licensed tour guide 
  • All Transportation  fee                                                   
  • A private long -tail boat ride for 1:15 hrs.      
  • Liability and accident insurance


  • Gratuity for a guide   
  • Lunch           


Minimum  2 persons

The puppet show performs only on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Informaion: (Click on these places below for the photo gallery)

Kudi Chin community  is one of the Bangkok’s oldest communities.  It was a Portuguese community.  They came along from Ayutthaya with the Siamese after the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767.  It is a peaceful place and small area where we can walk by houses along the alley to the Museum.  One of the oldest churches in Bangkok - known as Santa Cruz church was built by the Portuguese in 1769 after the King Taksin granted them the land.

Wat Kalayanamit  is not the main tourist temple but it is houses the biggest sitting buddha image in Bangkok, 15 meters tall and 12 meters wide.  The temple was built by King Rama III in 1820s.  It was a peak period for Chineses  influence.  The architecture of temple is mixed between Thai and Chinese style.

Traditional Thai Puppet Show at an Artist House is one of Bangkok’s hidden gems.  The house is over two hundred years old and located together with other wooden houses along Bang Lunag canal.  Everyday at 2:00 pm, there is a puppet show with three puppeteers pulling the strings to control the puppets.  It follows the story of Ramayana.  It is a popular place for Bangkokians to visit on leisurely weekend.

Tour Duration




Meeting Point

Hotel Lobby

Tour Rate
* Price/Person

2 persons   2,000 Bath
3 persons   1,600 Bath
4 persons   1,300 Bath
5 persons   1,100 Bath
6 persons   1,000 Bath
The Price bases on using public transportation