Bangkok Street Food

Best way to learn about Thai culture is eating like a local!

Eating from street vendors is a part of Thai daily life.  It is very popular in Thai society.  A lot of famous restaurants started from selling their dishes on streets and footpaths.   Today we still can find some of good Thai dishes that were originated on a street and still being in businesses.

We will takes you to a different old town areas and learn about the history, culture and of course, enjoy variety of foods tasting.   We will use public transportation like a local.

Tour Detail: 

  • 10:00 am -Meet you in the hotel lobby 
  • Explore some genuine meals and desserts from the secret of the recipes have passed from generation to generation for more than 70 years.  
  • Take a tuk tuk to Amulet Market
  • Take a cross river ferry to Talad Wang Lang Market (a big and famous for street food)

Sightseeing Highlights:

  • Amulet Market 
  • Wang Lang Market
  • An Old town Sam Prang


  • A friendly licensed tour guide                                                     
  • All public transportatons   
  • Four sample tastings and one ala-carte meal  
  • Bottled Water, Soft drink, coffee   
  • Liability and accident insurance


  • Gratuity for a guide                 

Information: (Click on these places below for the photo gallary)

Amulet Market is where amulets, charms, talismans, and traditional medicine are sold.  The buyers look for a specific version of their own interest with a small magnifying glasses.  They are looking for a certain mark and meaning.  Each amulet brings a specific kind of luck such as warding off evil sprit, protecting from accident, lucks in business etc.

Wang Lang Market is a local market for local people.  It is a street food paradise offering people for all walks of life a variety of local foods and desserts.  The market is a perfect place for you to explore local dining culture and different kinds of street food  all in one place.  Not only food is sold but also accessories, shoes, clothes etc.  It is a colorful market.

Old Town Samprang is very well know for traditional Thai foods and desserts with unique recipes that have been passed from generation to generation for more than 70 years.  Some of them still carry on their business such as sticky rice with the ripe mango, pork ball, coconut milk ice cream and Thai old tradition pancake.




Tour Duration

5 Hrs.



Meeting Point

Hotel Lobby

Tour Rate
* Price/Person

1 person    2,800 Bath
2 persons   1,700 Bath
3 persons   1,400 Bath
4 persons   1,100 Bath
5 persons    1,100 Bath
6 persons    900 Bath
The Price bases on using public transportation