My name is Pary and I was born in Bangkok.  I have a degree both in Science and Computer Technology in Thailand and in USA.  I didn’t expect to be a tour guide.  In  1998 during Asian Economy Crisis,  I had to quit my job.  Not many jobs were offered at that time so I applied for a tour guide course.   I started working as a trainee at one of the top five leading tour companies in Thailand.  I didn’t realize before that this is what I love to do and I am good at it.  I worked for two other  leading tour companies and one of which is the best in Thailand.  I have learned a lot through 17 years as a tour guide.

In 2015, I decided to go on my own as Pary Happy Tour.  My team is small and we will be sharing with you our culture, history, way of life and simply enjoy our local food through our tours.  We love to show you around and we are very happy if you are happy and enjoy your time with us.  We will make sure that you will enjoy our country and bring back good memories with you.  We love to be part of your memory.

Our tours are private which will give you more flexibility than in a large group tour and you can go at your own pace.  Different tours can be combined at your request (if this is possible time and distance).  Please let us know about your preferences and special interests, we will design it especially for you.

Let’s us share our passion and knowledge with you and your family. 

Bring home happy memories with Pary Happy Tour.